Welcome to CSRA TAP

CSRA TAP, LLC is a fun, family orientated Amateur Pool League that was built by the players, for the players. The TAP mission is to promote integrity, honesty and fair play. Also to encourage growth, provide opportunity and bring respect to the game of amateur pool. You see our mission through our members. Our Nationals are held all over: Philadelphia, Biloxi, Charleston, Nashville, New Orleans, Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, Orlando, Atlantic City… Where will they take us next??

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CSRA TAP has 3- 15 week sessions per year. Spring, Summer and Fall. TAP has a Rally in Philly every April and National Tournaments in a different location every November. We also have local Championship Tournaments every July. Click here to join

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July 2022 8-Ball and 9-Ball Championship

2023 Rally in the Valley | Super Billiards Expo | April 13-16 | Philadelphia, PA